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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 30, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 30th. let's start with a look at the weather with frances dinglasan, who is in for meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. as you step out the door you will notice it's cooler. only 60 in santa rosa but up to 70 in livermore and oakland right now it's 65. it's been quite a bit cooler compared to yesterday at this time. he even 8 degrees cooler in antioch. here's what you can expect with this beautiful view from the east bay looking out toward mt. diablo. it's going to be sunny and temperatures in the 80s.
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along the coast still breezy, partly cloudy, 60s and 70. and around the bay between 70 to 80 degrees. we have more cooling on the way. i'll let you know the accuweather seven-day forecast. carolyn. >> thank you, frances. developing news this morning. work is still underway this hour to fix that electrical tower we reported on all day yesterday. the power collapsed and then bent near highway 101 in burlingame after a construction accident friday. it created traffic nightmare well into yesterday. right now only one lane remains closed. the far right northbound lane. the entire freeway will shut down from 10:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning. a. about. c7 news reporter sergio quintana has the latest. >> tons of twisted steel, what used to be one of three towers holding high voltage lines, is hoisted on to tractor-trailer beds to be hauled away. pg&e crews will be replacing the crumpled tower with two temporary pulls so traffic on
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highway 101 will be shut down again. >> that will be necessary because we are going to be springing wire diagonally across the freeway. for safety purposes it's necessary for us to have the freeway shut down. >> commuters will have to come up with alternatives. surface streets became one of the busiest options that caught some people by surprise. >> i'm going to the airport, actually. we need to be there -- actually 15 minutes ago. >> in burlingame, the crush of car traffic did not always translate to more foot traffic. >> usually we will have people waiting at the door, and we didn't today. >> this whole mess was caused by the operators of this massive piece of construction equipment. according to caltran, it somehow hit the steal tower friday night. when it collapsed, the powerlines fell across the freeway. >> we heard a loud explosion. it almost sounded like either a
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bomb went off or at first i thought a plane crashed. >> cars were stranded for hours, some were entangled in the powerlines. no one was injured. now pg&e crews are digging in so they can install their temporary pulls and restring 1500 feet of high-voltage cables. the temporary poles will eventually have to be replaced but there's no time line on that. for pg&e customers, we are told they should not expect any kind of a power interruption as the work continues. in burlingame, abc7 news.
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>> some concord regulation dense are back in their homes this morning after they were evacuated following a bomb scare. people living between robert lanes and meadow lanes were told to leave their homes at 6:00 last night. that is after a woman called 911 to say her husband was making a flash bomb. >> the woman or the complainant called, to the dispatch center from her husband was intoxicated and that he was inside of the kitchen mixes chemicals. >> police noticed a strong smell of chlorine inside the apartment. officers evacuated the woman and her two children, along with neighbors along the entire block. the bomb squad did not find explosives. the 37-year-old man is in jail on charges of child endangerment. we have developing news out of oakland. police are investigating the shooting death of a woman on bancroft avenue. officers found her body behind the wheel of a car. that was just before the:00 last night. a male passenger was not injured.
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four suspects were seen driving away. police believe it began a few blocks away. >> inmates at san quentin no longer have to wait in long lines to use port two pot tis. they were doing that because of a case of legionnaires' disease. but yesterday they opened up the indoor toilets again and portable water was brought in. water use was limited since last wednesday when one inmate came down with the disease. that prisoner is now in good condition. nearly 50 other prisoners could be infected. >> more than a dozen people have been arrested this connection with bail bonds companies accused of illegally soliciting bail. the state department of insurance has arrested at least 18 people so far. officials say the suspects and companies used inmates to
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recruit customers in jail across five california counties. that's a felony. luna, aladdin and bail hotline are involved, but officials say there may be more companies and more arrests soon. >> a sacramento county woman missing for 8 days in the wilderness is thanking members of the marin search and rescue team this morning. 62-year-old woman is recovering in a hospital after spending over a week alone in the woods. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the details. >> for people from this marin county rescue team found this woman down a steep, rugged ledge. 30 minutes later the lieutenant got the call. >> just ecstatic. first of all, that the person was found, the person was safe, and in this case my team had an opportunity to play a role in that. >> officials say she managed to survive for more than a week in a remote area of the sierra national forest.
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the mountain rescue team called her name and she responded by blowing a whistle. that whistle and a water filter likely saved her life. >> if there's one thing you need to survive for a number of days like she did, it's the availability of water. >> the rescuers administered first aid and carried her a quarter to a half-mile where a helicopter could land. it flew her to the california regional medical center in fresno to get checked out. fresno county officials say she has broken bones and possibly other injuries. >> she was conscious and she was talking. she's very, very grateful that she was found. she's grateful to all of the people that helped look for her. so we expect her condition to just improve as time goes by. >> there are approximately 100 members in the marin search and rescue team. the team is all volunteer, and some members are as young as 15. 20 of those members are mountain rescue certified. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc7 news.
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a st. louis-obisco county beach is closed after a surfer was attacked. a 54-year-old woman was surfing, minding her own business and suddenly a shark took a 14-inch she escaped by pushing her board toward the shark and jumping off. people on shore guided her in. >> a couple guys kind of helped me get in. one because i was paddling. you usually watch behind you and he said there's a wave come he said hold on because i was just paddling. then i could ride the wave in on my belly. >> she said she's not sure what to do with the surfboard. she might sell it. she said she may take a break from surfing and stick to her boogie board. "forever oakland" a group that wants to keep the oakland's in east bay, hosted a party at the headquarters yesterday. they were in alameda for the pro oakland party.
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the group wants the silver and black to stay in town. an investor, floyd kephert unveiled his plans, but fans want the team to give them an answer on their plans. his plans included a new stadium for the raiders. >> we want the raiders to let us know and let the public know, are you going to adopt the plan for a new stadium or are you going to unveil your own proposal for a new stadium? that's what we are here to do, to encourage that process and keeping the raiders in oakland. >> some fans stayed overnight to tailgate, leading up to today's game at coliseum. the organization plans that hand out "stay in oakland" signs for people sitting near the team tunnel. >> a small earthquake rattled this morning. several called after 5:11 this morning to confirm what they felt. it's at 2.6 magnitude and they
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said it hit one mile southwest of hayward. there are no reports of damage. frances, there's no such things as earthquake weather. no such thing. >> that's right, there really isn't. and with he have a pleasant day in store for us. we have some clear skies over parts of the bay area and some low clouds out there, as well. cooler and dryer today. so i'll let you know what your neighborhood temperature will be coming up. >> thank you, frances. also next, the assassination of a sheriff's deputy in texas. why investigators are saying he was a target. and the new security measures now in place after three men fra sacramento stopped a terrorist attack on a high-speed
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>> this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone. 9:14 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our santa cruz camera showing the beach there. a beautiful day on tap. it's about 67 degrees right now. frances was remarking about how clear the sky is and how blue, blue, blue the water is. quite nice, about 82 degrees later today. the acting world is mourning the death of the first blackman and the youngest to play the lead role.
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kyle fell to his death from a fire escape early yesterday morning following the show's evening performance. he made an electrifying debut on broadway last month in his role. bowling over critics and fans alike. he was just 21 years old. in one of his last tweets i said, quote, i will never forget this experience. onward and upward. nothing but love. police are investigating, but believe his fall was accidental. >> police in atlanta do not suspect foul play in the death of a baseball fan last night. the fan fell from the upper deck at turner field last night during a game between the braves and the yankees. it happened during the seventh inning as fans were booing new york player alex rodriguez. the man hit a concrete walkway in front of a row of fans. paramedics tried to revive him. the man was in his 60s. then they carried him out. he died at the hospital. the game continued following that fall. >> a texas man with a long
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criminal history is facing a capital murder charge in the execution style shooting of a sheriffs deputy who was pumping gas in his patrol car. a about. c news reporter candace gibson has the latest. >> we have identified the suspect responsible for the senseless and touredly act. >> this morning the search for answers following the execution-style murder of a texas deputy. >> six, eight shots and an officer is down. >> overnight authorities charging 30-year-old shannon miles with capital murder, saying he's the man captured here on surveillance camera, suspected of killing the deputy. >> it's not an incident where neither individual was provoked by confrontation with an officer. this is just a cold-blooded execution. >> the 47-year-old deputy's fatal trip at this suburban gas station, stopping to fill up his patrol car in uniform when police say he was shot in the back multiple times, dying on the sign. heightening concern on the scene. we've heard black lives matter.
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all lives matter. cops' lives matter too. so let's drop the qualifier and just say lives matter. >> now they are questioning if the motive behind the murder is related to recent shootings by police officers. there are a few bad apples in every profession. that does not mean that there should be open warfare declared on law enforcement. ♪ taps. >> a community in mourning, the deputy leaving behind two children and a wife after his murder. a friend reading emotional words from his widow. >> all the lang i know is inadequate for what i want to express. >> they are calling it an assault on the fabric of society. the 30-year-old suspect has a long criminal history. abc news, houston. >> european countries are stepping up security on trains following the attempted attack nine days ago. three american passengers from sacramento stopped the attack on
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an amsterdam to paris train. people have questioned how the suspect was able to board the train carrying weapons and ammo. now officials plan to increase i.d. and baggage checks on all trains in europe. once all three of the sacramento men, once they are back, the city plans to hold a parade in their honor. >> happening today, it's the taylor family foundation day in the park in livermore. the event is an auction fundraiser with proceeds going to camp arroyo. a special place for children with special needs. abc news anchor cheryl jennings and several members of our staff will be there. for tickets or if you want to donate, go to our website the fun begins at 11:30 at cam arroyo in livermore. frances, it's usually pretty warm there. >> in fact, it's going to be more comfortable because now the temperatures will be the low to mid-80s in livermore versus the triple digit heat we saw
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last week. we will be slightly below normal in some locations in terms of high temperatures. a look at the doppler hd shows you a break in the clouds. just some low passing clouds right now. already blue skies around much of the bay area. if you are heading to the beach, there's beach hazards until 9:00 tonight, especially for west and northwest-facing beaches. that means strong rip currents and large shore breaks. be extra careful heading there. and we will show you what's going on. take a look at this tropical image. this is the first time three major hurricanes have been recorded in the pacific. look how well-defined the three spots are. not only are they three major hurricanes, they are all category four right now. we will focus in on hurricane ignacio, which is out by the hawaii yan islands with winds up to 140 miles an hour.
9:20 am
tuesday the smaller islands will be impacted and then it loses strength as it moves closer to land and into cooler waters. for us, though, look at this beautiful water in the bay with the sun shimmering. you see some low clouds in the distance. we look from the exploratorium. in san francisco right now 62. oakland 66. mountain view 68. san jose 67. morgan hill 68 and cooler in half moon bay at 63 degrees. so some low clouds touching the towers. the tops of the golden gate bridge here. right now we are also seeing some low 60s in santa rosa and napa and novato currently at 66 degrees. but warming up already in some inland locations like fairfield, concord and livermore, close to 70 degrees. east bay hills we are looking east toward mt. diablo. you see a lot of clear skies out there. we are still dealing with some
9:21 am
patchy low morning clouds, but it be a dryer and cooler day and then temperatures will be below normal inland midweek. along the coast still close to normal throughout the week with temperatures in the 60s. but for today enjoy the sunshine. if you are headed to the beach just watch out for the beach hazard. oakland 76, and pretty nice in san jose at 80 degrees. also giants game, it's going to be sunny so definitely bring the sunscreen. near 70 for the most part of the day for the game, and also the breeze will pick up in the afternoon. now, here's what's going on. we have this storm that brought rain up to the north. but for us it's just going to bring us cooling throughout the week. so that means, for example, livermore, one of the inland locations, will be below normal. the coolest day will be wednesday and thursday, and then above normal for the beginning of labor day weekend. here the accuweather seven-day forecast.
9:22 am
we have sun and clouds and generally temperatures will be ramping down until we get into wednesday. then we start ramping right back up into thursday and friday. it looks quite warm and sunny for next weekend. but today it's going to be just pleasant. so whatever plans you have, i think you will enjoy them. >> sounds good. thank you, frances. up next, a pair of walk-off wins. today's little league world series championship is set. we will tell you which
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>> three, two, one, go! [engines roaring] >> it's the first of six drone races that started yesterday at merit college in oakland. more than 30 participants prepped their drones for some flying. the international drone racing association is hosting five other races in california. the last race, the california cup, will be in november in los angeles. horse racing's triple crown winner american pharoah may have won his last race after losing his latest. it happened yesterday at the traverse stakes at saratoga racetrack in new york. pharaoh was leading team ice at the turn for home, but down the stretch ice wore bunt american pharoah, pulling away three quarters ofñi a lent. his owners said he will be
9:26 am
examined. if he's not up to snuff, he will be retired. it will not affect his value for stud fees. only one triple crown winner has ever won the traverse stakes, whirl-away back in 1941. today williamsport, pennsylvania will take center stage for the world championship game of the little league world series. >> in the sixth a walk-off single for pennsylvania yesterday. they advance to today's final with a 3-2 victory and will meet japan. and here's how that happened. they went extra innings in the bottom of the seventh. an infield single for japan's first hit of the game. later in the inning with the bases loaded, he goes up the middle, but mexico was able to
9:27 am
-- was unable to turn the double play. a run scores from third. japan wins 1-0 to advance to the world championship game for the third time in five years. japan will face pennsylvania today in the little league world series championship. coverage begins at noon only here on abc7. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. fighter jets scramble after a mid-air scare. we will tell you what caused the flight to make an emergency landing in denver. and a lunch revolution. the delicious healthy food available to students at a north bay school district.
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i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at >> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather.
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here's meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. temperatures are a little cooler compared to yesterday at this time. right now only 60 in santa rosa. but it's already 70 in los gatos and livermore. how much cooler is it right now compared to yesterday? anywhere from 1 to 5 degrees or even 6 degrees cooler. we have more sunshine but we also have a cooler air mass. low clouds passing over the east bay hills camera that earlier just had a clear shot of vollmer. temperatures in the 80s, breezy at the coast with partly cloudy conditions. mid-60s to near 70. and around the bay we will see much more sunshine later on. mostly sunny, between 70 to 80 degrees. with he have a cooling trend on the way. i'll let you know more two. carolyn. >> thank you, frances. >> now the tightening race among the democratic candidates, like the republican race looks more and more like a runaway.
9:31 am
>> overnight vice president joe biden joining the jamboree of delaware democrats. sources say biden didn't talk about a possible 2016 campaign, but his hugs and handshakes fueling speculation about his imminent decision. a new poll shows the door could be open for a biden run. hillary clinton's lead in the critical early stage in iowa shrinking to it's lowest points ever. just ahead of bernie sanders. even biden, who is not yet in the race, draws 14% in iowa with 13% of democrats there still undecided. >> on the republican side donald trump continues to ride high, while scott walker, once the front runner iowa, now seems to be disappearing, down to single digits. >> leading big in iowa, leading tremendously big in new hampshire. great people. >> in tennessee trump drawing a crowd of conservatives and
9:32 am
protesters. [chanting] >> offering no apology for a sharp new personal attack, this time on hillary clinton's most trusted advisor. >> he's married to a guy who obviously is psychologically disturbed. i think it is a very fair statement. >> he is married to anthony weiner, the former senator who resigned in disgrace. they quickly condemned his remark as disgraceful. >> the polls have good news for trump. he's up 34 points since may. meanwhile the clinton campaign down playing the tightening race, saying they always expected it to be close. abc news, the white house. >> more about presidential candidate senator bernie sanders of vermont. he said the nuclear agreement with iran is a solid one and that the u.s. needs help in the middle east. sanders, who votes as an independent, is closing the gap between himself and hillary
9:33 am
clinton. he discussed his views on foreign policy on "this week." >> and i applaud the president for trying to make certain that we stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but we do it in a way that does not require war. the second point that i would make is the united states cannot do it alone. in the middle east saudi arabia has the third largest military budget in the entire world. they will have to get in and take on isis as well as other countries in that region. >> sanders has used the issue of income and equality to attract growing crowds on the campaign trail. a cheating girlfriend may have motivated two sacramento men to threaten another man with a gun and live stream it on periscope. >> hey, open that door! [knocking] >> it happened last week in sacramento. the men claimed they were after a man who was with one of their girlfriends. the video goes on for an hour as
9:34 am
viewers watched it and even liked it. they also sent comments egging on the men and asking them to prove the gun was real. no one was home. police have arrested the men. they did that two days later. hundreds of passengers are back in germany this morning after a woman and her cat delayed their flight. the condor airline flight from vegas to germany made an emergency landing in denver friday. a woman boarded with her cat in her purse. that's against airline rules. she got mad when the flight crew locked the cat in the bathroom. fighter jets even scrambled around the german airline. >> before we took off i saw her running down the island. it was out of a movie. a lady was freaking out about her cat. >> a las vegas supermodel was on the flight and tweeted have to stay overnight in denver because of crazy cat lady. the fbi said the woman is not facing any charges. they are calling it a misunderstanding.
9:35 am
school lunches have undergone big changes in recent years, but perhaps not as dramatic as what is happening in the marin city school district. it's believed to be the first district in the country to have all organic lunches. >> this is a school lunch and a fine dining experience. fresh flowers on each table and the chef sitting down to personally explain his menu, one that he's made from scratch. >> for today's lunch we are having italian herb roasted chicken breasts. >> everything is 100% organic and nongenetically modified. the marin city school district is said to be the first in the nation to offer that. >> it's literally the best we can get. that's the starting point. that's how we can begin to start making bodies healthy and minds healthy. >> judy is the director of "turning green," a nonprofit that launched the conscious kitchen at bay side martin
9:36 am
luther king jr academy in 2013 and this year added a second site. some of the produce comes from the school's own gardens. >> it gives you energy throughout the day. >> it's like more delicious. >> because many of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch, the federal government picks up the tab. but the conscious kitchen also has an influential local partner. justin everett, the executive chef at a lodge in sausalito consults on menus and mentors some of the students. >> food is true to everybody and it's a great way we can connect with the kids. >> for some it's a learning process. >> i didn't like everything. >> most like the switch. >> it doesn't have pesticides in it and it's fresh. >> a healthy breakfast and snack is also served. and educators say they have noticed improvements in behavior and grades over the past two years. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, behind the
9:37 am
scenes at pixar, movie magic aimed at inspiring young people to tackle some challenging topics. and here's a live look from our exploratorium cam. 71 degrees later on today in san francisco. quite pleasant throughout the bay area. frances will be along shortly with whether where you live.
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9:39 am
>> knew this morning, google announcing it will go outside california for the next test of the mountain view based company's self-driving car.
9:40 am
austin texas will be the site for the test. a few residents got to check out one of the cars recently. they are equipped with sensors to detect objects as far as two football fields away in all directions. people sit in the passenger seat or in the back. self-driving cars could be made available to the general public by 2017. frances says she covets those cars. >> sign me up. i want one! it will probably do a better job than me driving. but i am doing a pretty good job with weather. well, i hope i am >> yes, you are. >> and the clear blue skies over sfo. no flight arrival delays and no nationwide major airport delays reported right now. each though we are getting more sunshine, temperatures will be coming down. i'll have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> also ahead, it's only the preseason, but they are running out of time. the 49ers, quite a disappointing night on offense against the
9:41 am
broncos. shu has the highlights and the low lights. there are lots of those coming up in
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. in sports the raiders are back in action. they will play their third preseason game today. the silver and black meet the arizona cardinals at coliseum. kickoff at 5:00 p.m. last night they were hope to get rolling against the broncos, but no.
9:44 am
here's shu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the niners hosted by the broncos in their third preseason game. they looked out of sorts, especially on offense. they still don't have the starting five on their offensive line, and it showed in colin kaepernick's stat line. reggie bush. made his 49er debut. one carry, 21 yards and a fumble recovery. he bobbled the snap. bush picks it up and gets drilled at the end of the run. starts some pushing and shoving. bowman, two sacks on peyton manning. he continues to impress. sacked twice. the niners didn't have any passing yards in the first half. trying to make a roster like kenneth, it will help but acting like you are in college and throwing the ball away, thinking you are down when you are not touched, not good. a heads-up play to recover the fumble. only one touchdown in the game and that came with 2:08 left. juwan thompson, the 1 yard touchdown and cardinals win it
9:45 am
-- the broncos win it, 21-12. >> arenabowl. throws across the field to anthony jones. watch this catch. over the wall for 6. that's okay in arena ball. your feet don't have to be down. grady, 7 td passes. 14-6 sharks. and ran for two. they trail at the half. momentum shifted in the third thanks to defensive player of the game, david hyland. fourth and 29 for the sharks. the tip into the arms for 6. later in the quarter on the ensuing kickoff. ball hits the lower bar. makes it live. hyland catches and scores. sabercats, the first team in afl history to win 20 games, winning their fourth arena bowl title, only the fourth team to do so. 68-47, the final. >> unbelievable. the hard work that we put in from day one. practices were competitive. we get yelled at every day and we are evening getting yelled at this week. and for the coaching staff and the fans, i'm so happy to be a
9:46 am
part of this. >> way to go, cats. giants keep taking two steps forward and one step back. injuries have made it tough to be consistent. matt cain was placed on the 15-day dl and ryan vogelsong gets the start against st. louis. jeff goldbloom in the house. he's playing jazz piano in town. taking in the game. tomlinson couldn't field the grounder in the fifth. former "a" brandon scored and the cardinals go up 1-0. same inning. vogelsong walks him to load the bases. bruce bochy has seen enough. vogy is pulled. throws it in the dirt. andrew susac can't handle it. 2-0 cardinals. molina finishes a two-run single. vogelsong falls to 9-10. he allowed 4 runs. he shutout the g-men. 6-0 the final. a's in arizona. mvp candidate paul goldschmidt wasn't happy with his performance last night. beating up the bat rack. steven vote, plenty happy with his performance. vogt is happy with his performance. 108 degrees outside the stadium. so he sent the ball to the pool in right center.
9:47 am
two-run homer, his 17th. 2-0 a's after two. d-backs tied it in the fifth. vogt takes care of that. there was a two-out bloop. they score. a's win it 3-2, snapping their three-game losing streak. raiders and cardinals tonight, a 5:00 p.m. kickoff. i'll see you tonight. i'm mike shumann. have a great day! >> so at 5:00 it should be still nice there in oakland? >> still nice, still sunny, and temperatures in the low 70s. pleasant day to head out and enjoy the great weather anywhere you are around the bay area. live doppler 7hd showing a pretty view of the seven-day forecast. i'm clicking through. a little cheat there. a look at the radar satellite image. we have some patchy low clouds breaking up. what is more exciting what is going on in the tropical atlantic. heavy rainfall in cuba due to the remnants of erica. as it tracks north toward florida, it may not regain
9:48 am
hurricane strength burks it's still a certain along the west coast where it heads toward the panhandle by wednesday. we could see 8 inches along the coast of florida so flooding could be a problem. a live shot from the exploratorium camera showing you the sun reflecting on the beautiful bay. and still a few low clouds out there. oakland 66. mountain view 68. san jose 67. morgan hill 68 and half moon bay still a little cooler at 64 degrees. we are seeing some sunshine already in san jose with this live shot for you. so we've got some patchy, low morning clouds. that's about it. dryer and cooler today. then below normal temperatures inland midweek. i'll show you why in just a minute. but overall, with the sunshine, things will be quite comfortable in the south bay, even 85 in gilroy. if you want to head to the beach in santa cruz, 82 degrees there. but watch out for the beach hazards with the strong rip
9:49 am
currents and large breaks. 80 in san jose today and 79 in palo alto. still cool in pacifica at 67. downtown san francisco warming up to about 71 for the giants game at at&t park. it's also going to be pleasant in bodega play for the seafood, art and wine festival. a comfortable 70 degrees. a lot of folks will head to sonoma where it will hit the low 80s for the go pro grand prix. mild in the east bay with comes ranging from 74 berkeley and richmond, all the way up to 78 in newark and 79 in castro valley. look for upper 70s to low 80s for the most part this the interior areas. but brentwood may get up to 85. also, if you are headed to the game at the o dolt co coliseum. it starts at 7:00. sunset at 7:42. you might want to have a light jacket with you just in case. if you are heading to the game.
9:50 am
overnight lows, cooler numbers again with the clearer skies so more 50s, mid-50s especially in the north bay. here's what's going on. the storm has been tracking well to the north of us, showing us the moisture but we aren't going to get any of that moisture. we are just going to get very dry conditions but more cooling midweek. and here's a look at how cool we are going to get. for example, in san jose, average is 83. we will be close to 10:00 below normal midweek. but then coming right back up for next weekend, and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so you will see the same thing inland. you will be close to o.t. next weekend for the beginning of the labor day weekend. and around the bay near 80 at the coast. and still holding fairly steady at the coast and more comfortable and warmer saturday, near 70 days. >> nice temps. >> i'll take it. >> thanks, frances.
9:51 am
well, they brought you films like "toy story" and" monitors ink" but the latest show stars a different cast of characters. one like algebra and trigonometry. as jonathan bloom explains, ice the first chapter in a new effort to get the kids who are excited about pixar's movies to get excited about learning. >> on a campus lined with life-size sculptures of animated characters and no one bats an eye if you ride your scooter indoors, it may feel like a big playground, but there's a big. reason why they have so many oscars. >> there's a rich story behind how our movies are made and math and science are behind that story. >> he started giving talks. it's called "math in the movies." >> the shape in woody's face or the forests in "brave" they all get reduced to algorithms and computer numbers. >> tony's talks is getting a sequel. it's called pixar in a box. >> kids love pixar movies. it's a great motivating factor to get into math and science. >> working with online educators at conn academy, they worked with them.
9:52 am
it's a free online course. >> there are tools this that they use. >> there are simplified versions of tools that animators use. >> the lectures are given by pixar animators, starting with the basics and getting into the nitty-gritty. >> you can add a convincing bouncing ball. >> and, finally, the equations. >> revealing the underlying algebra behind these curves. >> this is something new for pixar and conn academy. it's the idea kids love getting a look backstage. in some sense, pixar in a box is kind of a continuation of a tradition in a walt disney started years ago. >> we brought kittens into the studio and let them play and roll about as they pleased. >> the episode that went back same and looked how the engineers did their job i found really fascinating. >> and they use real world examples. >> this is how crowds were designed in the movie "wally." we designed a few pieces of robots and combined them in different ways. it's the math behind the magic. they hope it will be the first course of many. in emeryville, jonathan bloom,
9:53 am
abc7 news. up next, a stroke of luck. what led a bay area man to buy a scratcher ticket that won him $1 million.
9:54 am
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so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. here are the winning numbers from last night's $110 million power ball draw. . >> no one picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows
9:56 am
to $120 million. a man who found a $20 bill outside sfo is now $1 million richer. that is the winning state lotto ticket of hubert tang, who last bought a lottery ticket ten years ago. he bought the ticket at a store in milbrae. he said for right now the money goes into his savings. >> to massachusetts now and another lottery story from a man who had a very, very good week. timothy sullivan, a postal worker got married on thursday. friday he bought a $4 million lottery ticket. sullivan bought the ticket after he was called in to work to relieve a colleague. with the $2.6 million, the remainder after taxes, sullivan plans to pay off student loans, go on a honeymoon, buy two new cars and build what he says will be an oasis in his backyard. >> good day to hang out in the backyard, oasis or not. >> yes, because the temperatures will be very comfortable all
9:57 am
around the bay area. even 60s at the cost. half man buy 69. oakland 76. san jose 80. so plenty of sunshine for everybody, but it will be breezy at the coast. 91 in yosemite. and fresno dry conditions all week. the only thing you really need to remember is things will be cooling down wednesday and thursday, that will be the coolest around the bay area where we will be well below average inland but at the coast in the 60s. >> all right. sounds good. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with frances dinglasan, in this morning for lisa argen. abc7 news will keep you updated on the highway 101 situation. download the abc7 bay area app to your phone and accept notifications. you will get alerts about the closing tonight and the reopening tomorrow. we continue at 5:00. have a great day, everyone!
9:58 am
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. welcome to america's night of hope with joel and victoria osteen from at&t park in san francisco. welcome to this special edition of america's night of hope. (applause) well god bless you! we feel very overjoyed to come to you from the beautiful at&t ballpark in san francisco, california. i'm with some of the finest people in all of san francisco right here. we love having you with us as well. i always start with something funny. i heard about this man. he called the church office and said, "i want to speak to the head hog at the trough." the secretary was offended. she said, "if you mean the pastor, then you're going to have to call him pastor. but you may not call him the head hog at the trough." he said, "well, fine but


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